Saturday, July 18, 2009

Thursday, June 25, 2009

New scope and mount for sks

Here is the new mount and scope I got for the sks. It is a leapers 4x32 mini mil-dot range estimating scope, mounted on a utg 5th generation see thru integral mount. The mount replaced the original buffer plate (cover). It had to be filed down to fit so it would be as tight as possible. Then 4 set screws 2 on each side tightened down. Gonna take it real soon and zero hopefully to 100 yards, and make sure you can see thru and still use the iron sights for shorter ranges. Also got a couple hundred rounds of brown bear 123 gr hollow points to try out.

After looking at the pictures I may have to add a shell deflector to keep the fired brass off the scope we'll see soon enough.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hunting wild hogs (boar)

I find that the easiest way to hunt wild hogs really isn't even hunting in the sense

of sport but it will fill the freezer pretty quick. The best time seems to be on a night with a lot of ambient light (full moon)this is when wild hogs tend to move alot .We load up in the truck with spot lights and rifles. Check with a few landowners and get permission. Call and notify the sherriff department. Then the fun begins.

Open fields are good escpecially one you can see across from the road. First make a pass along the road shinning spot light to check for hogs not too much though it will scare them off. I have heard hogs can't see red light though gonna have to try that out pretty soon. Pull into field moving fairly slow with just park lights or no lights. Get as close to group as you can but dont spook them off.


Then everyone get out of the truck, turn on the spotlights on and unload your rifle in a rambo type fashion. If anything is still movin you should really be prepared to dive into the bed of the truck or climb the nearest tree. Likely though if they are still breathing they will be in the next county. Load up (a second truck may be needed) and head home to butcher.

This technique will work in the woods around a wild life feeder or really anywhere. Just remember be safe you need to be able to get off the ground in a hurry.

Hunting a feeder at night.

This has yet to be tested but it is in the planning stages. If you have a feeder set out for deer and the hogs are eating all your corn. You can get one of those solar lights that charges all day then comes on when its dark cover the lens or replace the lens with a red covering. (Supposedly hogs can't see red light) This will help with the scope or open sights on your rifle. Position your stand or blind so that you can cover your feeder pretty good or even trails leading to it. A trail camera that stamps photos with a time may help determine when to be there. It has been said that it will take several shots before the wild hogs get anxious and leave. I would suggest that you need access to this area with a truck or large atv because dragging 200 to 300 pounds out of the woods several times in a row is gonna wear most people out. And there is still butchering to do.